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Chatty Cathy Clothes and Accessories for Sale

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WOW!! Blue Canadian Dress! (doll, shoes, socks not included)

This dress looks very vivid on the colors.  It has a part on the sleeve that has been re-stitched, but it looks like anyone that can sew can take out the couple of little stitches and it'll look awesome!   Missing top button.  No rips or stains that I can see.

From what I can see, the sleeve was re-stitched because the original thread came out, not torn.  it looks great on the inside and outside sleeve.

Only $225 + $5 shipping and insurance.

Sold used/As-is


VINTAGE Blue Gingham (Glen Plaid) Dress!

Fantastic Blue Gingham Dress!  Authentic Mattel!  Dress has a stitch in between the collar about 1 inch long and a small hole in front.


Only $125.00 + insurance and shipping of $5 (US only.  Canada Extra)

Sold Used/As-is


Only 125.50


Mommy made Blue Gingham Jumper.

Cute on Chatty!  This jumper was made after a vintage Chatty Cathy jumper.  It has the same high skirt, and bow back tie.  Adorable!  Wouldn't your Chatty look adorable in this!  Also great to dress Chatty as Dorothy!

I just noticed a dime sized light pink colored stain on the side-back by a crease.

Item # 175

Only 9.95   

~ + 2.00 shipping ~



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