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Cleaning and Care

wpe354.jpg (3537 bytes) IMPORTANT!  We can only SUGGEST the following as ideas for care of your doll.  You may clean the dolls at YOUR OWN RISK. We will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur.  If you're not sure, don't do it!

I have purchased several dolls in desperate need of help.  Most of them had horribly mangled hair, dirty bodies and just looked awful because too many people are scared to clean their Chatty.


Dirty clothes?  Soak them in Dawn or Biz. 

Hand-wash.  How to Hand wash: soak in dawn or biz for 15 minutes; gently move the fabric around with the pads of your fingers.  Rinse gently in cool water.  Place clothing on an air dryer rack or however else you treat your hand-washables, but please keep them way from direct sunlight (this can cause fabrics to fade).

Machine wash:  I happen to have a delicate "Hand wash" cycle on my washing machine.  I put a small amount of Woolite, add my fabric softener, and let the machine gently wash the clothes. 

Try either one of these techniques with a dress around the same age that you may not care if it gets ruined.  I have never had any original Chatty clothes get hurt by using either technique.


Doll Cleaning:

The Body: For everyday cleaning you can apply some lotion to your dolls face and body, be very careful near her eyes and open speaker.  Gently rub in and wipe away with a soft cloth.

Is she very dirty? Use some Dawn dishwashing liquid.  I purchase the good Brawny paper towels to wash my Chatty's.  Put a few drops of water, with a few drops of dawn onto the corner of the paper towel.  Gently, in a circular motion, clean your doll.  The paper towel should NEVER be dripping.   Again, avoid her eye area and grill.  Rinse her body by getting another paper towel and wetting it very well with water.  Squeeze out the excess water, wipe the paper towel gently over her body.  Continue until all of the soap residue is gone.

How to wash her hair: Wash her hair in Dawn Dishwashing liquid OR Woolight Fabric Wash.   After washing her hair rinse well.  Apply some of Mommy's hair conditioner, allow it to sit for 30 minutes.  BE CAREFUL NOT TO TILT YOUR DOLLS HEAD TO THE UPRIGHT POSITION, ESPECIALLY IF SHE IS A SOFT FACE.  THE WATER CAN RUN INTO HER BODY AND RUIN HER VOICE BOX. 

After 30 minutes, gently rinse her with warm water, keeping her head down and protecting her face.  DO NOT GET WATER INTO HER EYES. 

Hair needs styling?  If her hair is badly tangled leave the fabric softener in for at least 1/2 hr before rinsing. Then set on perm rods (medium) and pour HOT water gently over her hair being very careful not to get water in her eyes! Then rinse right away with cold water. Blot dry with a towel and remove rods while still wet. Do NOT touch again until her hair is completely dry. Then style with a comb or brush.


Greasy Face? (only do this procedure if you are sure that the plasticizer is escaping, please clean her face first with Dawn.  She may just be dirty!)  For her greasy face, where the actual plasticizer is escaping, try alcohol and cotton balls. You will have to treat it every 6 months or so or it will get greasy again.

.: Clean dolls at YOUR OWN RISK :.

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