Chatty Cathy

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My Auburn Chatty's

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By providing photos and descriptions of some of my girls, I'm hoping this will help you identify your own Chatty Cathy.  I have also listed them in the order of their value.  Highest to lowest.

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Auburn Piggy, Pinwheel-eyed Chatties
lauren.jpg (26623 bytes)
Queen Lauren
American Charcoal-Gray Pinwheel
(Considered HTF)
Auburn Piggy, Glassine-eyed Chatties
jordania-sea.jpg (27491 bytes)
Joash Athlai
Blue Glasseine-eyed Canadian
Nienna Skye
Blue Glasseine-eyed Canadian
Jordania Sea
Blue Glasseine-eyed Canadian
Auburn Piggy, Decal-eyed Chatties
Auburn Very RARE No Bangs
Baby Doll
Auburn Soft Faced American
Auburn Soft Faced American

Abby Girl

Auburn Hard Faced American

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